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🎥. Our Story

In 2012, my late husband Hector convinced me and our children to move to Ecuador. It was the craziest, most awesome thing we ever did as a family. However, traveling abroad with three young children was not easy. We had a ton of luggage and a ton of time, due to a 13 hour layover in Panama City. I thought to myself, "how nice it would be if there were a concierge luggage service company where we would be able to either leave our luggage or someone could pick up and hold our luggage, so we could sight-see and explore Panama City. After sight-seeing, we could return to pick up our luggage at the counter or they could return our luggage to us curbside at our departure flight location". Instead of sight-seeing, we spent a fortune on a hotel room just to escape being stuck at the airport.

Five years later, May 2017, after moving back to the U.S., and not able to find a decent paying job as a Paralegal, Hector convinced me to start "that luggage storage business" I thought about back in the Panama airport. Together, we started Hold My Luggage, Inc (HML). We created a business model/concept that works. HML is a company that provides travelers with luggage storage and delivery options. We have a team of luggsters who are available to assist in making your travel day easy and worry-free.

Hector worked tirelessly day and night in our efforts to build not only a business that would support us as a family, but a business that truly showed our work ethics and the way we treat others. Our company core values are built on our very own personal travel experience. It doesn't cost anything to be kind and offer assistance when needed. This is what we do in every aspect of our business. We would like to personally thank every one of our customers that have used our service and those who will in the future! We wouldn't be the company we are today without you.