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Silvia D.

We went on a cruise and planned to fly back home at the end of the day.Thanks to this service we didn't have to carry our luggage during the whole day and were able to enjoy the last day of vacation. Thank you!!

Braydan K, The Colony, TX

Awesome service! Wife and I had gotten off our cruise early in the day yesterday and didn't have a flight out until late in the day. Hector from hold my luggage met us at the airport to take our bags for the day so we could spend the day out and about enjoying the city. He brought our bags back at the time promised on the dot! No hassle. Great Service. Extremely fair pricing. What more could you ask for?

Jessie D, Fountain Valley, CA

Excellent service! My boyfrieholnd and I were in Orlando for the day on a layover and wanted to go to Universal Studies without lugging around our large bag. Hector and Constance were friendly, professional, and quick to offer great advice on our day in the city. They gave us a ride from the airport to Universal, held on to our bag for the day, then dropped it off for us when our friends came to pick us up at the end of the day, all for a reasonable price! Couldn't be happier with Hold My Luggage!

Annisa C., Flight Attendant

As a Professional Traveler (Flight Attendant), it's my pleasure to recommend Hold My Luggage to all travelers! Whether you are traveling for family fun or making a Business day trip, you know that schedule, and mechanical delays happen when it comes to Airlines! You've made arrangements for hotels, but what about your personal possessions and trip memorabilia? Hold My Luggage should be your ONLY trusted call!! Thank you for always being professional and a TRUSTED Source!!

Tennelle, F, Merriville, IN

Wonderful business!!! Hector and Constance saved my day!!! I had gotten off a cruise and planned to take a late flight home so I could take my girls to Sea World. I got the to airport early to check my bags and was told I could not due to FAA regulations I could not check a bag more than 4 hours before my flight. I was devastated. I thought my day was ruined and I was going to have to tell my girls no Sea World. I was given the number to Hold My Luggage and Hector answered right away. He asked for my location and said he would pick us up, hold my luggage, and take me and my girls to Sea World and then pick us up from Sea World and bring us back to the airport!!! Simply Amazing!!! Hector and Constance made me feel comfortable and helped ease my stress. Constance even offered to take me and girls to pick up food & snacks before heading back to the airport. I couldn't have asked for better service. God truly had his Angels of protection with me this day and I am very grateful.